Kodi FAQ

Kodi loads to a black screen, or Kodi opens then closes right away

Sometimes Kodi’s temporary files and other programs take up too much space on the Android TV and need to be removed manually. This can be avoided by periodically clearing the cache, and purging packages.

To see the guide on how to manually clear temporary files in Android, please click here.

Kodi is unresponsive or stuck

1) Press the Home button on your remote.
2) Goto Settings > Other > More Settings.
3) Click on Apps, then Click on Kodi, Click on “Force Stop”
4) Back out of that, and relaunch Kodi

I just setup my device, and none of the links in Kodi are working. I keep getting script errors

99.9% of the time, if every link you are trying to watch gives you a “Script Error”, that means you are not connected to the internet.

You can see if you are connected by glancing to the upper left and see if the weather information is displayed. You can also see your network status by going to System > System Info > Network and look to see what it says next to “Internet”. It should say Connected. If not, you can exit Kodi and then connect to your internet in the Android settings. Click here for more info on connecting to the internet (guide coming soon)

Sometimes I see a message about “Cache Full”, how do I fix that ?

1) At the Kodi Main Screen, click on the Favourites menu (the star in the lower left)
2) Choose “Clear Cache” from the menu that slides out from the right
2b) While you are there, you may as well choose to “Purge Packages”

— or —

1) From the Programs section in Kodi, choose “Maintenance Tool”
2) Then choose “General Maintenance”
3) Then choose “Clear Cache” and “Purge Packages”

When I click on a stream to watch a movie or TV show, I sometimes get a popup that says “File not found” or “Source is unavailable”.

This is not uncommon for these devices. It simply means that the file is listed, but does not work.  You need to try the next source on the list, and go through them until you find one that works.

My video or live stream is buffering a lot. What can I do ?

We first suggest you check your internet speed with application Speedtest that you will find in the apps section of your device. We strongly recommend you have at least a stable 10-15mbps connection on wifi, or a stable 7-15mbps connection on a wired connection.  The faster your internet connection is the faster and more responsive your TV Show, Sports and Movies will be. If you have under 10Mbps you should consider upgrading your internet speed.

Please remember, that each Add-ons is separately developod, managed and maintained by a 3rd party that is not associated with ccelectronics.ca. There may be times when some addons do not work as they should, this may cause some downtime or slow transfer rates which could be the cause of buffering. If this does happen, you can simply try another source, or use a different addon.