Media Box Reprogramming

$ 35.00

Android box not working, crashing, or getting errors ? We are here to help.

Our programming and addons provide Live TV, sports, PPV events as well as Movies & TV Shows.

Includes 45 minute tutorial !

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Product Description

Several of us purchase these devices and struggle to get them to work. Sometimes the box stops working with no warning or indication of what the problem is. Is the box slow sluggish or freezing ? Do you have a hard time finding Live TV ? Are you missing out on all the UFC and WWE pay per views ? Do you struggle to find a quality stream for sporting events ?
If you have experienced any of these common frustrations, then you have come to the right place. We can and will help. We will even teach you how to diagnose and troubleshoot several common problems. Start enjoying Live TV in 720p, and blockbuster movies in 1080p !

We not only put our custom Kodi programming on the box, with the best and most current, reliable addons; we also add several Android based standalone apps for you to enjoy Live TV, Movies, Sports and TV Shows. This way, if there ever is a time you have issues with Kodi, you can simply use a different app.

Some of the common addons in our programming include:

  • USTVNOW Plus
  • Exodus
  • Pro Sport
  • Phoenix
  • Bob
  • Evolve
  • UFC Finest
  • Made in Canada IPTV
    … and many more

We continually research and test new and updated addons to ensure your programming is of the highest quality. When a NEW addon is released, we will be there to provide a tutorial on how you can install it yourself. In most cases, with a video tutorial that shows step by step instructions.

Our goal is to have you ENJOYING your device, and not being frustrated with it !

Choose ADD TO CART to start enjoying your device the way it was meant to be. Or feel free to contact us here directly, or by messaging our Facebook Page

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